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The Kadaknath or also known as "Kali Masi" (meaning fowl having black flesh) is an Indian breed of chicken local to Jhabua and Dhar districts of Madhya Pradesh. Our committed team brings innovation every day to deliver quality Kadaknath chicken meat at lower meats in the market and high profit returns to farmers.

This Chicken has very good nutritional benefits since it has fat percentage as low as 0.73% - 1.03% compared to other breeds of chicken which have 13% - 25% fat content in their meat. It also has a protein content of 25% compared to regular breeds of chicken which have a protein percentage of 18% - 20%.

The Black Meat Chicken – kadaknath chicken, due its high medicinal properties its price in the market is higher, we are the only team at Eretsagro with our farmer partners who delivers high quality of black meat chicken and eggs in low prices.

There are different variants in the Kadaknath Chicken Breed. The pure breeds are reared by the Bhil's, Bhillala's and other tribal communities of western Madhya Pradesh. The three notable varieties of Kadaknath Chicken

Jet Black Chicken -The Hen and the Cockerel are Black in color.

Golden Kadaknath - The Male and the Female both have golden feathers on the head and neck regions.

Pencilled Kadaknath - The fully grown adult chicken will have white feathers around the neck region.

Nutritional benefits of Black Meat Chicken ( Kadaknath)

Properties Kadaknath Other Bread Chicken
Protein Content 25% 18-20%
Fat Content 0.73-1.03 13-25%
Linoleic Acid 24% 21%
Cholestrol 184.75mg/100g 218.12mg/100mg

Some of health benefits of Kadaknath chicken :

  • • Rich sources of protein
  • • Raises hemoglobin levels
  • • Cures respiratory diseases
  • • Improves fertility and regulates women menstrual cycle
  • • Acts as an aphrodisiac
  • • Rich source of antioxidants and amino acids
benefits of Kadaknath chicken